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Welcome to Polar Genetics India!

India's no 1 Pork Indusrty

Polar Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. has been identified as a Group that has the capacity, expertise and technical knowledge to lead the project in India. We have been identified as the key player to develop long-term cooperative relationships between all partners involved in the project.

The purpose of the project is to establish and operate a 50-sow purebred nucleus or multiplier piglet’s production unit, with project activities being overseen by a Board of Directors. For the development of a piggery unit in India, the project would require live pigs, frozen semen, computer record-keeping programs and equipment to be supplied from Polar Genetics India and Canadian partners. Computer record keeping based on Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Programs will include detailed measurements of breeding pigs for herd replacement selections. The genetic evaluation program will be utilized to improve the genetic value of the herd as per India’s needs.

Our Products

High Breading Animals

Greater utilization of infrastructure ensures efficiency of production Hygienic slaughter and processing assures healthy pork products..

Imported Frozen Semens

Greater health of the human population by consuming more protein Genetic measurements and evaluations for swine improvement.


Data recording and farm management Genetic measurements and evaluations for swine improvement Genomics – gene selection

Pig Feed

Maintaining health status Attenuation to vaccines Animal welfare Hygienic pig slaughter Some vegetables need cooking to deactivate enzymes

Candian Frozen Semeins
Turn on water bath and set to 38°C Prepare thawing solution of CryoGuard Thaw Extender to 23 – 24°C and pour into 80 ml plastic semen bottle(s) Insert thermometer around bottle to monitor temperature..
Pink Revolution in India
National and State Governments recognize the need for increased production and productivity Prime Minister; Agriculture Minister quotes More food is required for growing populations..
Polar Genetics Group
The project was launched in 2006. To implement this project Mr. Sikandar Singh established his association with Polar Genetics Canada from Alberta.


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