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The Canadian swine industry is an important part of global agriculture. The success of the Canadian industry owes much to advances made in Canadian genetic improvements and high health standards in the breeding sector. The development of the superior genetic quality of Canada’s swine industry, through performance testing and genetic improvement programs, is largely responsible for the progress made over the years. Canadian swine genetics are well suited to today’s pork quality needs. Canadian pigs are lean, fast growing, have a low feed conversion, a high lean carcass yield and superior eating qualities. Genetic improvement continues to be a leading factor for profitable pig production.

In India commercial hog production is relatively small, undeveloped and social and economic considerations make it a challenge to develop an efficient swine industry structure. Apart from the apparent challenges, the swine industry in India is intended to grow in all States to meet the needs of producers and for consumers for high quality pork products in niche markets.

Polar Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. has been identified as a Group that has the capacity, expertise and technical knowledge to lead the project in India. We have been identified as the key player to develop long-term cooperative relationships between all partners involved in the project.

The purpose of the project is to establish and operate a 250 piglet’s grazer unit, with project activities being overseen by a Board of Directors. For the development of a piggery unit in India, the project would require live pigs, feed, computer record-keeping programs and equipment to be supplied from Polar Genetics India and Canadian partners. Computer record keeping based on Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Programs will include detailed measurements of developing piglets.

The project will also look to develop and maintain a high health status in their herds to ensure maximum efficiency in growth and performance. Consultation services are available for all fields in of swine improvement. Assistance in health monitoring, nutrition, environmental controls and project planning are available for this project. Polar Genetics India Pvt. Ltd believes that this opportunity will result in positive impacts for long-term development of the swine industry in India. With the support of the Government of India and Canadian partners, Polar Genetics India is confident that the project can be successful and India’s swine industry can be developed.