Cross Breeds

Canadian Swine Improvement Program
  • More than 80 breeders and breeding companies participate
  • 9,000 nucleus sows
  • About 80,000 pigs tested each year on farm
  • World’s largest purebred nucleus herd database

Genetic Evaluation Program
  • One of the most advanced in the world
  • All evaluations computed using BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) technology
  • Integrates information on each animal tested as well as all its relatives
  • Generates EBVs (estimated breeding values) that can be compared across herds
  • Allows the identification of top breeding pigs in Canada by EBV index

Estimated breeding values (EBVs) calculated for
  • Growth Rate – age, days at 100 kg
  • Backfat thickness, mm
  • Lean yield, %
  • Loin muscle depth, mm
  • Loin eye area, sq mm
  • Feed efficiency
  • Litter size